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USER-NOTES/COMMENTS: (place them in parentheses and ALL CAPS.) If you think a point or section needs to be expanded, feel free to add (EXPAND) or (ADD SUPPORTING FACTS) or other such guidance. These are all working documents so do add comments or guidance when you feel it's necessary.

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RADICAL REVISIONS/CREATING NEW WIKI-PAGES. If you think that some issue or part of the platform should be started from scratch (and not simply expanded or revised), then please start a new wiki page. To create a new wiki page, click on edit at the bottom of this page and add your wiki page name below all the other wiki page names listed. Use double parentheses around the name of your new page in the edit of this page to indicate that it should be a new wiki page.

PODVoters Introduction-wikipage
PODVoters FrontPage-wikipage
PODPlatform Introduction-wikipage
PODPlatform Personal Morality Issues-wikipage
PODPlatform Domestic Issues-wikipage
PODPlatform Environmental Issues-wikipage

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