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PODVoters Introduction-wikipage

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PODVoters: Introduction

The current political environment isn't going to stop war, begin valuing competence, teach effective conflict resolution to our children, nor protect the environment, ourselves, and our world.

We're sick of complaining. We're sick of seeing failure after failure and experiencing disappointment after disappointment from the current mass-media based election system.

POD stands for the Party of the Disillusioned, and we, the PODVoters, are an internet-based grassroots attempt to wrest control of our country back to us, the citizens of the United States.

We are entitled to genuine choice as to the stewardship of our country and our government and our resources. We can achieve all of that and realize the just government we envision in our optimistic moments.

PODVoters: a Better System

PODVoters is a better system. Using the internet to disseminate information about our candidates and to coordinate our entire nomination process, we remove the need for money-driven, influence-driven, and mass media-driven political campaigns.

Instead, we host an open process in which every vote counts and everyone participates. The PODvoters nomination system is ad-free, money-free, and principle-heavy and integrity-heavy. It's a system every voter in the country can participate in and exercise a voice.

Make your vote count. Make our government better. Make our country better.

Created by: last modification: Tuesday 24 of July, 2007 [21:25:53 UTC] by Anonymous