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PODVoters FrontPage-wikipage

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PODVoters Are United in Being

Sick of the Best Commercials Winning Elections and NOT the Best Candidate.
Ready to Embrace a Money Free, Sound Byte Free Election Process.

Sick of Democrats and Republicans.
Ready for a Real Change, Not a Rotation of Republi Crats.

Sick of Lies, Hypocrisy, and Incompetence.
Ready for Informed, Intelligent, Just, and Efficacious Policy making.

Sick of Policians using Clout or Former Clout for Personal Gain.
Ready for Candidates Without Ties to Large Corporations and Monied Interest Groups.

Sick of Fear Mongering for Political Purposes.
Ready for Peaceful Conflict Resolution.

Sick of Being Bitterly Divided and Manipulated as a Country for Political Purposes.
Ready to Solve Real Problems Together.

Sick of Not Having a Genuine Choice.
Ready to Take Control over Our Government!
Ready to Exercise Our Voice!!

Put Democracy Back into the Election Process with...

PODVoters' Simple Ideas

PODVoters works by having:

A Set of Principles which drive our collective policy-making to make sure we're solving real problems and not engaging in endless, useless debate,

A Multi Round Nomination Process which enables the best candidate to win and ensures that the collectively most liked and least disliked candidate wins, and

Voter Committment to the outcomes of our process and principles prevents dilution of our collective voice; through committing your vote to PODVoters, we vote with a single voice which will win elections.

Join a Process Driven by Principles. Let's Make Our Country Better Together. Truly wasted votes are votes for the current degenerate system of the republic-crats.

Make Your Vote Count. Vote for genuine change.

Created by: admin last modification: Tuesday 24 of July, 2007 [21:49:47 UTC] by admin