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PODPlatform Introduction-wikipage

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POD Party Initial (National) Platform

Based on our principles, we arrive at a platform which represents either something like a "solution" for many issues hitherto dividing the country, or a framework with which to pursue solutions to difficult problems our nation faces.

This platform is only a beginning and represents ideas that come rather directly from our principles. We have tried to place what are demonstrative and uncontroversial applications of our principles to problems facing the country. This initial platform represents a new beginning for our country-a new beginning we sincerely believe every American no matter whether Democratic or Republican previously can agree with. To refine and develop specific initiatives, we will need your help to research, and generate creative ideas to eventually solve these problems. We know, for example, that the health care system is not working, but we need your help to develop a solution. We are setting up an area in the site for collaborative public policy efforts for all PODVoters.

Created by: admin last modification: Tuesday 24 of July, 2007 [21:31:59 UTC] by admin